Second, but not last in our preferences, The Gua Sha

Achieve Perfect Skin

Second, but not last in our preferences, The Gua Sha

Every woman is on the eternal hunt for a “miracle product” that will magically give her a face lift, erase her wrinkles, and clear her skin.
After battling, it is certainty that there is NO magic pill or cream that will improve your skin overnight.
It takes time, patience and a whole body approach, with focus on healing the gut and removing the stressors that are overwhelming your system.

 ALWAYS SPO!LED beauty & more® brings you the GUA SHA tool, suitable for all skin types,  made of Pure, high quality JADE, a  go-to topical product that will keep your skin in check.

Moreover it’s the perfect solution if you like to keep things simple and consistent so that you don’t mess with your skin’s microbiome. Nevertheless, introducing the GUA SHA tool in your skincare routine will prove that a simple but ancient massage technique will do much more for your face than any other product you’ve ever used before!

It is highly recommended that the GUA SHA board is made from natural jade or rose quartz so it is completely skin safe. Because everyone is so into crystals right now, a lot of online stores are selling what are really acrylic tools dyed to look like crystals, convincing customers to put weird dyes on their faces.

Warning: Do not Google “Gua Sha.” The results will yield scary photos showing beet red human backs.

This is the down-and-dirty version of Gua Sha massage, a practice of Chinese medicine that predates acupuncture and translates directly to “scraping.”

They apply medium to heavy pressure while raking it across the skin in an attempt to increase blood flow and stimulate the lymphatic system.

Sounds a little rough, right?

When done properly it feels incredible, especially on the face—though done more gently, of course.

In fact, Gua Sha facials and at-home Gua Sha tools are becoming more common than ever.

That being said, please take your ALWAYS SPO!LED beauty & more® Gua Sha tool and start softly rolling it over your skin.

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