Use Jade Roller: How To Use Jade Face Roller For More Beautiful Skin

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Use Jade Roller: How To Use Jade Face Roller For More Beautiful Skin

Are you wondering how to use a jade roller? You may have just recently learned about this revolutionary new way to take care of and improve your skin tone. In the beauty world, the jade face roller has really taken off, and for good reason! For many women, using a jade roller is their most well kept secret from their beauty routine.

We love learning and teaching about how women go on about their makeup routines, because each and every one have different techniques that we can have different results. With this post, we aim to teach you how to use jade roller to combine it with your favorite routines. Take a close look at how this special tool will make a real difference in your life.

So What Is A Jade Roller?

Use Jade RollerA jade roller is a simple but very effective massage tool for your face, that is made from real jade. This is an exquisite stone that has unique healing properties. It is naturally cold to the touch and allows for reduced bagginess. It enables the user to perform several different treatments, including but not limited to the popular Gua Sha.

All jade rollers have two ends, with one side being larger, and the other being smaller. You use the large side for the main areas of your face – like your forehead, jaw or cheeks – while the smaller side is perfect for smaller areas like under the eyes, under the brows or under your nose.



Why Use A Jade Roller?

With so many beauty products and alternatives on the market, you may be wondering why you should choose a jade roller instead of other beauty solutions. Well here are just a few of the reasons why:

Firstly, a jade roller is an affordable tool you can purchase online and have delivered to you the next day. It is easy to carry, easy to use and perfectly safe and healthy. There are no hazards to using it, it can easily fit in your cosmetic bag and it takes only minutes to use and apply properly. Another cool benefit is that this is not only a beauty tool, but also a massage tool. You can use it yourself or ask your spouse to do it for you. The result? You get both a healthy treatment and a relaxing massage! In the comfort of your home! Lastly, you can simply use it to apply a wide variety of healthy treatments to your face.


How To Use Jade Roller

Now that we’ve explained what a jade roller is and why you should use one, it is finally time to talk about using it. After all, this is the fun part you’ve been waiting for!

Before using your roller, you’ll need to make sure you have several items at the ready. A moisturizer or facial oil, your favorite face wash and of course, your jade roller!

Once you have everything in place, it’s time to finally start using your jade roller.

Step One:

The logical first step is for you to wash that beautiful face first, before doing anything else. The skin needs to be clean and moist before rolling.

Step Two:

Moisturize your face with your favorite facial oil or cream. If your skin is usually extra day, it would be wise to go with a facial oil, for the extra moisture. Otherwise, a face cream will work just fine.

How To Use Jade RollerStep Three:

Start rolling. You should follow a process that goes something like this. First you begin with your cheeks and your jaw. You take the larger side of your jade roller and apply it on your chin. Then, while adding medium pressure, you roll it up to your ear. After repeating this process 4-5 times you can move up along the cheek. Obviously perform this process evenly for both sides.

Now it is time to focus on your forehead. You should be starting in the middle and while using the larger roller, move towards your ears. Once again, repeat the motion 4-5 times for each direction, until the entire forehead has been properly massaged.

Under the eyes is the next area we naturally move on to from here. Take the smaller end, again apply some mild pressure while rolling from the inner eye towards the corner. Here you will repeat 10 to 15 times before switching to the other eye. You should perform the exact same steps for above the brows as well.

The crows feet are next, and again we use the small end while applying some medium pressure. Hre make sure to move the roller quickly in an up and down motion, on the corner of the eye. When done with the first eye, do the same for the other.

Lastly, we finish with the jaw, and here we recommend you use the small roller one last time. This is because you can use the small roller to really dig deep into the jaw. You can press harder here to really feel the roller go to work. Move it back and forth and insist on the spots that feel extra tight. You will really feel the difference once you get the hang of it and perform the routine properly.

When you are done, wash your jade roller and you are all set. Your face will now gradually become younger, cleaner and healthier.


And that’s it! Congratulations, you now know how to properly and effective use your jade roller! Your face will now look younger, healthier and smoother. If you still haven’t gotten your jade roller, make sure to get it here. It comes with some nice extras, pretty packaging and some surprise bonuses if you purchase today!

This product will really make a difference in your life, and as you have just learned, it is so easy to use! Let us know about your experience with using the jade roller, and about your favorite routines. If you want to read even more on the subject, feel free to check out Jade Roller Benefits and Facial Gua Sha.

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